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Upcoming Events

07/17/2019 - Family Law Seminar - Attorney Shoemaker has been asked to present at a full-day seminar to other lawyers on July 17, 2019 at the New Mexico State Bar. Mr. Shoemaker will present on the following topics: (1) Complex Assets (Finding, Valuing & Dividing) and (2) Military Divorce.  

Monthly Volunteer Family Law Clinic. The need for family law services is too great to meet. The Second Judicial District Court (Albuquerque) provides a monthly clinic for people who need Family Law assistance. Mr. Shoemaker continues to volunteer at these clinics.  These clinics are held at the Second Judicial Courthouse every third  Wednesday of the month, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Quarterly Volunteer for Veterans. As a former active and reserve duty military lawyer, Attorney shoemaker is committed to continue serve veterans by volunteering at quarterly clinics held at the New Mexico Veterans Memorial as sponsored by the New Mexico State Bar.  For Calendar year 2019, these sessions are being held on January 8, March 12, June 11, and September 10

Recent Legal Developments

01/01/2019 - Federal Law Modifies Spousal Support Payments. For cases that are filed after January 1, 2019, any monthly Spousal Support payments will no longer be tax deductible to the payor and tax includable to the recipient.   This is a major departure from federal  law for the past 75 years. This will also likely add difficulty to working out settlements in advance of trial.  (Contact us to see how your case might be impacted. )

11/01/2018 - New Mexico Amended the Spousal Support Guidelines. In light of the pending change in Federal Law, the New Mexico Supreme Court has modified the application and calculation of spousal support in cases involving higher incomes. (Contact our office to see how this change may apply in your case.)  The NM Spousal Support Guidelines are not state law. There  continues to be an existing statute that sets forth the appropriate considerations when a Court has to determine Spousal Support at trial. The NM SSG are intended to be used during: negotiations, mediation sessions and at settlement facilitations. They do not supersede state statute. 

Recent Past Events

April 2018 - Family Law Seminar. Mr. Shoemaker presented at a two-day conference held at the New Mexico State Bar, entitled, "Family Law from Start to Finish" . He discussed "Tax Issues for Family Law Attorneys"; and "Discovery in Divorce"

October 2017 - Collaborative Practice Seminar. Collaborative Attorney Brian Shoemaker conducted a training for the Santa Fe Collaborative Practice Group on the topic of "Dealing with Client's Anger", an application of NICAM's multi-professional seminar for mental health professionals. 

March 2017 - Family Law Seminar. Mr. Shoemaker presented at the New Mexico State Bar on three topics: . Mr. Shoemaker presented on: (1) "Tax Primer for Family Law Attorneys" and (2) "Discovery in Divorce"

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