Military Divorce in Albuquerque, Santa Fe & Rio Rancho


Military Divorces in New Mexico

At the Shoemaker Law firm, we  understand what it means to serve in the military.  Both the father of Attorney/Mediator Brian Shoemaker is a retired USAF officer and Attorney Shoemaker himself also served in the US Army as a JAG, both on active duty and in the reserves. We have been counseling military families on separation and divorce issues since 1992.  We have also forged strong relations in the local community with the military installations since.   

Mission Accomplished

Whether a retiree, military member, or a family member, we have worked to help families focus on what deserves the most attention, your family and your mission. We strive to reduce the time, drama and costs  associated with divorce.

Start to Finish

Whether you are in the separation stage and too many things are unknown, in the center of the divorce storm itself, or even if domestic abuse is a component, the Shoemaker Law Firm is your best choice. We've been there and back.  Let us help guide you to a sensible conclusion. 

Between Separation & Divorce

Each branch of service has different obligations and requirements in the separation period, especially before a Court Order has been issued on the subject. Ask the Shoemaker Law Firm was you can expect in your case. 

Military Pensions

Both DFAS and recent federal legislation has changed the law on Military Pension options. Further, New Mexico case law has also been developing significant law regarding military pensions and disability. Make an appointment with the Shoemaker Law Firm to found out about your unique circumstances. 

Spousal Support, Child Support & More

For many families, your military divorce in Albuquerque poses circumstances that may involve significant spousal support and child support issues. Military Divorce in Santa Fe often involve NM Guard members. Schedule a consultation with the Shoemaker Law Firm to find out what included from the LES. for such calculations. Whether try to do a military divorce in Rio Rancho or an Air Force divorce in Albuquerque, the Shoemaker Law Firm is here to assist you. 


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