Divorce Mediation in Albuquerque- A Better Way

Consider "Mediation" for Your Divorce


Divorce drama. The high cost of litigated divorces. Deteriorated co-parenting communication. The answers aren't always easy, but you owe it to yourself, your children, and your finances to explore conducting your divorce through mediation. It may surprise you how easy it is. 

Mediation - Getting Started


Contact us to see if mediation is a good fit for your divorce. (80-85% of cases would fare better if their divorce were conducted through mediation as compared to court litigated or self-negotiated divorces.) Spouses often initially report feeling doubtful about the couple's ability to get the divorce done through mediation. (After all, isn't that why they're getting a divorce in the first place?) Contact us and let our decades of experience in working with such conflicts and dynamics help you navigate the many hurdles required for an efficient and cost-effective divorce. 

Safety, Structure...& Freedom


Creating emotionally safe (and physically safe) zones to work in are "Job One" in most mediated divorces. We set communication protocols and behavioral ground rules. We create session agendas, provide summaries, and assign homework to keep everyone on the same track. These efforts, among others, are are done to foster a strong sense of safety and support for both spouses. Once safe, our work is more efficient, creative, and cost-effective. 

Common Information, Better Results


Our mediated divorces require that  both spouses have access to the same relevant information.  We accomplish this essential task at a small fraction of what it costs in a litigated divorce. Having the same information usually translates into better outcomes, more satisfied clients, and longer-lasting agreements.  

Understanding Legal Issues


Quality divorces require spouses to address a variety of legal issues, some of which are complex and are  not easy to understand. Mediated divorces should provide spouses with a candid discussion of the basic legal principles related to their divorce. Although Mediator Shoemaker does not give legal advice to either of the spouses or to the couple, his decades of legal education, training, and experience has been useful to scores of couples as they worked their way to a settlement.  

Developing Settlements


Equipped with common information and understanding of core legal principles, the spouses are now properly positioned to explore a discussion of a range of settlement options to meet the needs of the children and of both spouses. Once the spouse reach agreements, we then convert them into court pleadings in a form that a court might expect to see. We also encourage spouses to separately consult with legal counsel to ensure that the drafted pleadings are in their best legal interests as well, all things considered.