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Nationally Recognized for Excellence & Expertise

Awarded  by US News & World Report's Best Lawyers for Divorce & Family Law for the past nine years.  Selected by Expertise in divorce  mediation work for the past three years. 

Decades of Experience as both Litigator and Mediator

Practicing lawyer and litigator for 27 years. Trained and practicing Mediator for 30 years. Specialized litigation training and advanced mediation training. Trainer and presenter at national and state conferences on  topics involving both litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Dedicated to Innovation and Efficiency

Brian Shoemaker continually works to streamline the experience of his divorce and personal injury clients, and strives to reduce the negative experience that their circumstances already present. Mr. Shoemaker integrates years of vigorous "extra"   study, involving legal subjects, communication methods, conflict resolution applications, and even applied neuroscience in an effort to simplify the dispute and minimize costs.  

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Seasoned Litigator


Divorce in Albuquerque, Having conducted well over 100  trials in both federal and state court, and in many counties throughout New Mexico, Attorney Shoemaker works to produce the most effective result for his clients.  Divorce in Santa Fe. We are dedicated to helping the client feel informed and able to make decisions that best meet their needs 

(and pockets). Divorce in Rio Rancho

Effective Mediater


Mediator Shoemaker has settled scores of divorce cases, both as a mediator and as a court-appointed settlement facilitator. Spouses often initially report doubt about being able to complete the divorce through a mediated process. Mediator Shoemaker has helped couples successfully complete the divorce process, move forward with their lives , and save money. 

A Steady, Helping Hand


Every year couples divorce, people get injured. How you experience such trying times makes a big difference. Let our years of experience and training help you through your circumstances with quality self-care, effective  communication, and excellent information concerning your best options to get the results you want.

Safety in Divorce Mediation

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